2s & 3s Curl Types

 Hey Curlies! Welcome to the 2s & 3s page! Here you will find pictures, product reviews, hair styles and more for these hair types only. I hope this page encourages you to embrace your curl type. 

Before moving on lets remind ourselves of the characteristics of 2s and 3s curly hair:

2s-The wavy curly girls! Your hair lays flat and makes an "S" shape. If you are a 2b or 2c, your hair makes a larger "C" shape. The 2b and 2c curls are usually called botticelli curls (one of my fave curl types).

3s-My people! :-)...3s is when the line gets sorta blurred. The one main characteristic that differentiates us from the 4s is that our hair naturally likes to hang down instead of defying gravity and creating a fro. Our curls are sometimes called corkscrew curls and they make a "C" shape. 

The following pics are fave curls of my mom and I. A few of them are really awesome bloggers that you should check out! 

Adara Monique IG: @poeticbeauty
Adara is an Instagrammer who blogs a little bit as well (www.selflessblessing.blogspot.com). 
I love her curly bob!

Juliana Louise IG: @jujubamakeup
 Juliana is a Youtuber who posts a lot of makeup tutorials as well as a few hair routines. Her Instagram curly girl selfies are beautiful! I also love the subtle blonde hair coloring she has.

IG: @devacurl
 This pic is from the official Deva Curl Instagram page. These curls look so healthy and bouncy!

The two pics above are the perfect examples of 2a/b waves! They are from the Instagram account @aboutthatcurl (Autumn). This page is all about that "curly hair pride".

IG: @tylauren
Picture perfect corkscrew curls in motion!

Hannah Edwards IG: @hanneddie
Zeinab (Zeze) IG: @naturally_zeze
 Zeze is Londoner who is passionate about natural hair care. She devotes her youtube account and blog to her hair journey (www.naturallyzeze.com).

Elie Ortiz IG: @curlyelieee
 Love the color and shape her hair has!

Curly Hair; it's more than just hair, it's an attitude.

If you are interested in finding out what your hair type is, check out this post from April, 2012: What is Your Hair Type?


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