3s & 4s Curl Types

Hey Curlies! Welcome to the 3s & 4s page! Here you will find pictures, product reviews, hair styles and more for these hair types only. I hope this page encourages you to embrace your curl type. 
Before moving on lets remind ourselves of the characteristics of 3s and 4s curly hair:

3s-My people! :-)...3s is when the line gets sorta blurred. The one main characteristic that differentiates us from the 4s is that our hair naturally likes to hang down instead of defying gravity and creating a fro. Our curls are sometimes called corkscrew curls and they make a "C" shape. 

4s-As mentioned before, your curls travel up which creates those sassy fros. You guys can do some pretty unique hair styles that not a lot of curl types can get away with such as the mohawk (my fave style on 4s!). Your curls are usually described as coily, kinky, and zig-zaggy.

The following pics are fave curls of my mom and I. A few of them are really awesome bloggers and youtubers that you should check out!

IG: @curlsunderstood

 This Instagram account has some amazing curly girl pics of every hair type. They also have a very informative website on how to treat curls (www.curlsunderstood.com).

Samia IG: @floetic_t
Probably one of the most artsy fros I've seen.

The two above pics are of Nia the Light (IG: @frogirlginny). He her hair is gorgeous! She has an inspirational blog where she shares her story, hair tips, and fashion (www.frogirlginny.weebly.com)
Also Known As...the creator of "Froday" :-)

Sunitav IG: @sunitav_
Sunitav's curls has such a beautiful wispy effect in this picture. She is a natural hair blogger who is also passionate about fashion (www.sunitav.com). I love her style!

SheRea IG: @mythriftedcloset
Thrift store fashionista and natural hair youtuber (MyThriftedCloset Youtube Channel). The pic above is the result of a braid out!

IG: @charyjay
Natural hair youtuber (CharyJay Youtube Channel).

Definition is everything!

If you are interested in finding out what your hair type is, check out this post from April, 2012:
What is Your Hair Type?


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