Bri Yancy Interview

Let me introduce you to my gorgeous friend Briana Yancy! In my opinion, she's a perfect representation of what it means to have Curl Confidence. I guarantee you, you will fall in love with her diva curls and enjoy learning about her hair journey from this interview.

Tell us about yourself:
My name is Bri. I'm from Dallas, TX. I'm a nineteen year old Psychology Major with a Minor in Worship Leadership.

Hair Journey:
When I was a kid, my dad did my hair. It was definitely more of a negative vibe when my hair was done because it was more of a "get it out of the way" type deal. I would get weaves and crotchet braids, which I HATED. I didn't know how to take care of them properly so my hair would fall out sometimes and kids at school would make fun of me. You know how it is when you're a kid. It's hard to know how to react in situations like that. Ten year old me didn't really know how to respond to that kind of negative attention. I just knew that it didn't feel good.

In my Junior year of high school, I decided to go natural. I was done with the weaves and crotchets. I saw a video of this lady on Youtube who did something called a Wash 'n Go and I was like, "I think I can do that!" So I did! And I had a 'fro for a few weeks and let my hair grow on it's own since then. The only chemicals I've got in my hair since then, has been some hair coloring, which I did my Freshman year of college. It was the beginning of actually learning how to take care of my hair and make sure it was as healthy as it could be.

In college, I started watching Youtube videos and finding people on Instagram who also had natural hair. This helped me perfect my routine and gave me insight on what kind of products I should use. I'm three years into college and I feel like I JUST got a hold of my natural hair and have a pretty good regimen. I love where I'm at in my hair journey for sure!

Hair Styles:
I do twistouts, braidouts, and Wash 'n Gos. While products and styles that help with curl definition are great, it's not what I focus on because shrinkage is such a struggle for me. I love my frizz and without it I feel like my curls look like a helmet on my head! So, I definitely prefer having it big and frizzy. Having big hair is like an outward expression of who I am. It's me saying, "This is my hair and I'm owning it!"

Product Must Haves:
OILS! I love using oils on my hair. My faves right now are coconut, tea tree, and peppermint oil. I also really like the Curls brand which you can find at Target. Their Blueberry Bliss, Twist and Shout Creme, and Creme Brûlée Whipped Curl Cream are all great.

Curl confidence is definitely a real thing! I wish I had more of it when I was a kid. I feel like I would've had curl confidence if I had more role models who were owning their curls and taking good care of it. That would have encouraged me to do the same so much earlier!


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