Thursday, February 11, 2016

Concerning the Righteous

Hello, beauties! This post is about a study I did in the book of Proverbs. I wanted to find verses concerning those who are righteous. Whenever I found the words righteous, upright, pure in heart, trustworthy, etc, I wrote down what was said about them. It was a really cool study! I found a lot of reoccurring themes and seperated them into five catergories. I felt led to study this because I believe it's healthy to look in the Word and remind yourself of who you are in Christ Jesus. 


- I am as bold as a lion
- I have Joy and Gladness
- My light shines brightly
- Though I fall, I will rise
- I understand what is right

Verses: (10:28, 13:9, 24:16, 28:1, 28:5, 29:6)

2. Paths established by God/I will not be moved

- He establishes my paths/makes them straight
- My steps won't be hampered 
- I will not stumble. I won't be moved. I will stand firm. 

Verses: (3:6, 4:12, 10:25, 10:30, 11:5, 12:7, 16:3)

3. Blessing/Provision 

- Blessings crown my head
- My children are blessed
- My house is blessed
- Good health
- Success
- Prosperity 
- Honor
- Life
- What I desire, will be granted

Verses: (2:7, 3:8, 3:33, 10:3, 10:6, 10:24, 11:19, 11:28, 13:25, 20:7, 21:21, 28:14, 28:20, 28:25)

4. Relationship with God

- The Lord hears my prayer and it pleases Him
- He loves me
- He delights in me
- I am in His confidence

Verses: (3:32, 11:20, 12:22, 15:8, 15:9, 15:29) 

5. Safety/Protection/God is my Refuge

- I am without fear of harm
- God is my refuge and shield 
- I am delivered from death
- I am rescued from trouble
- No harm will come to me

Verses: (1:33, 2:7, 2:8, 10:2, 10:29, 11:4, 11:6, 11:8, 12:21, 14:32, 16:17, 18:10, 28:18, 28:26)

Be encouraged :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Office Bun

Hey girls! Any of you work in an office where you can't wear your hair down? Messy buns and ponytails can get old real fast. Here is a great hairstyle option! 

Step one: section off the front of your hair and make two twist braids on both sides (total of four front braids) 

Step two: make a low three strand braid with the remaining hair

Step three: loosley twist and pin the braid into place

Step four: take your front braids and wrap those under and around your bun. This creates a cool "crown-like" effect. You will need to pin these braids into place as well. 

And you're done! Cute, simple, and easy! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Good Habits

Happy New Year! The month of December and January are always times of reflection. What did you like about this past year? What didn't you like? What are you going to do different in the new year? etc. This post is about BASIC habits every curly girl should know and keep!

(1) Rules for washing your hair: 

- Use a wide tooth comb! This helps to reduce frizz while you're detangling. Be gentle with your hair while you're combing as well. Harsh hair brushing can cause frizz and split ends. 

- Avoid drying your hair with towels. Towels cause unnecessary frizz. Instead, use a soft rag bought specifically for this purpose or use a t-shirt. 

- Rinse your hair with cold water. I know this sucks when the weather is very cold but it helps lock in the moisture and reduce frizz. 

(2) Avoid heat: 

- Chemicals from hair coloring hurt our hair. Intead of the silky smooth and bouncy curls we had before they can become damaged, dry, and brittle. You don't want your healthy hair journey to become a hair recovery journey. Now, don't get me wrong...I think curly hair looks amazing with tasteful highlights. The difference is we can't color our hair as frequently as others would. It wears and tears our hair and becomes more of a chore to keep it well hydrated. 

- Also, avoid flat irons and blowdryers. As stated before, dry your hair with t-shirts or air dry (air drying takes a lot more time but this way usually gives you the best result). When it comes to straightening your hair, do not do this often! The more often you do it, the more high your risk is to get curl damage. I straighten my hair 1-2 times a year. 

(3) Don't wash your hair everyday! Doing so can make your curls loose it's natural curl pattern. 

(4) Healthy ends, happy curls!

- Be sure that you're trimming your ends enough (once every six months is healthy). Trimming helps prevent split ends. When you trim your hair, you're not losing a great amount. Cut just above the curl that your hair makes. No more, no less!

- When you're applying your products, your ends should be the most saturated. Well nourished ends results in well nourished hair ;-)

(5) No Shampoo! Use a cleansing conditioner instead and when you rinse your hair massage your scalp. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!