Perm Rod Style

Hey curly girls! Today we are featuring Danyel! Her hair type is 4b and below are the steps to achieve this fun look. Enjoy! 

 The picture with my hair out in a curly afro is what the style looked like after two weeks of having the style. And the one where it is in a pony tail is also three weeks. The ones with the scarf and hat are the first week.

(If you want to blow out your hair for this style, do it before doing this step) If you are not blow drying your hair out, it will help a lot to start on wet hair. Make sure you have as many perm rods or rollers that you want to use for this style. I wanted medium to small curls so I used skinny perm rods. 

Step 1:
Separate your hair into four sections to make styling easier on yourself. Either bun each second up into a bantu knot or simply wrap it up.  

Step 2:
Take one section of your hair and un-bun it. To make sure your hair is extra conditioned and shiny, I put in some honey, milk, and oatmeal leave-in conditioner and then some Olive Oil shine enhancer spray. I rubbed it in this section of hair and went on. (That whole part is optional!)

Step 3:
We will put this section into mini twists. I did six twists in each section of my hair. Taking the section you just took down, grab a small amount of hair (or however much you feel will make your first twist) and began to detangle it while still wet. After you've detangled, create your twist and continute the rest just like that. 

Step 4:
Continue the previous step until each four sections of hair has six twist in each section which should account up to 24 twists. 

Note: Doing this gives it extra curl action before you even put the rods in, but if that is not your style, you can detangle each section as I mentioned but instead of doing six twists, simply go to the next step. 

Step 5:
So that I get extra curly hair before I put the perm rods in, I slept with the twists style overnight but I have done this hairstyle all in one day before. So it is possible. Start from whatever side you want and grab one twist. Make sure the rest of your twist are out of the way. Unwrap the twist and take one section, moisten up that part if you want and slowly wrap that piece in a spiral action. 

To Complete the spiral curl: Take the piece of hair and start from the END of your hair. Wrap the hair around the perm rod twice, then roll up once. Repeat this step until the perm rod is all the way at the root of your hair. 

Step 6:
When you're done, place a nice sized bonnet over your head and sleep, when you take the hair down, your hair will be super curly. 

Step 7:
Always loosen up the curls, because after taking the perm rods out, they will bounce all the way to the root which can become annoying and you want length to your hair. Take a curl and slowly and carefully separate it so that the curl is looser but still bouncy  and not frizzy. 

There ya go! 


  1. Thanks for the tips, I love the softness!!


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