Ringlet Wash and Go!

I've been doing braid outs and twist outs almost all week. Protective styles, though they are awesome for your hair, can be a lot of work and take some time...especially if your hair is long. It's always nice to default to a quick and easy wash and go.

The wash and go I did this week is the picture above. I've done this style once before and I love it! It's basically a post rope braid twist-out wash and go. I used Eco Styler Gel because it gives my twist outs the most hold and rope braids easily come undone if you don't use good product. This wash and go makes your ponytails and buns look awesome! I usually always go with the pony tail because I love having all the ringlets hang. You don't have to worry about frizz with this wash and go which is one of the main reasons why I love it! Frizz free=Worry free! Just make sure you're using the right product and the size of your rope braids aren't too big.

This is a great two-day hair style process. If you're a full time student like me AND work you don't want to waste any time wondering what your curls are going to decide to look like the next day :-)

Here are some steps to make it more clear:

Day1: Rope Braid Twist out with Eco Styler Gel. Keep the braids in over night and then rock the twist out the next day. I usually wear a bun with this.

Day 2: Wash and go time! After you wash your hair, apply your styling products. I use very little of Tresemme conditioner as a base for my styling products. I follow up with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my leave in, and Kinky Curly Curling Custard as my gel (mostly applied to the ends). Pony tails, half up-half down hairstyles, and buns look great with this Ringlet Wash and Go!


Tip: Keep your scalp well nourished and clean! This not only keeps your hair healthy, but helps it maintain healthy hair growth as well! I've been doing an olive oil (2 Tablespoons) and lemon (1 Tablespoon) scalp treatment. There are many other types of oil treatments for all types of hair but the steps are similar for all of them: Massage it into your scalp, keep it in for 30 minutes (you never need to keep any oils in your hair for longer than 30 minutes), then wash it out. Pay attention to how often you should do what treatment you choose. Mine is twice a week at most. 

With morning comes the morning curly girl mane...Embrace it(;


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