Monday, November 30, 2015

Hair Refresher Spray

Waking up with a halo of frizz is never fun. Some days (*cough* most days *cough*), I don't have time for a quick wash and go. I enjoy the warmth of my bed for as loooonng as possible during the cold fall/winter mornings so I don't have as much time to fix up my hair to perfection :)...let's be real! 
Those days when your hair still looks awesome and you just need to smooth out your frizz in the front or wherever your problem areas are you need to hydrate it. 
I can't say this enough...Your new BFF is water!

Keep a spray bottle in your refrigerator with some water and a few pumps of your favorite styling product in it. I also add some rose petals for a fun aroma. 

Step 1: mash up your rose for five minutes, add a few pumps of your styling product, mash it up for five more minutes 

Step 2: put your mash in a strainer over a mug and pour hot water over it

Step 3: place a cloth over a cup (or your spray bottle) and pour your liquid into it

Step: put it in the refrigerator so it can cool...then enjoy! 

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