Hey curly girls! Today's post is all about you! Not your hair, just you. Honestly, I didn't prepare any natural hair blog post this week so I'm just winging it lol.

Curl confidence is really important to me because I remember the days of hating my hair. I envied the straight hair of my friends and acquaintances. I didn't begin to love my curls until my mom did the big chop and I saw how much she loved her fro :-). Confidence in your curls is important but confidence in yourself is even more important!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! I see too many girls being called beautiful and they respond by saying, "Oh, stop!", or "You're just being nice", or my
 least favorite, "Stop lying!" I'm sure there are a few different reasons why these responses are given but none of them are right. Sorry to be so blunt. I want my words, whether spoken or written in a comment, to inspire other young ladies. I don't want them to mimic women who are basically degrading themselves. When someone tells me I look beautiful I say "Thank you!" If my mom and I compliment each other on how pretty we look one day we will both say "Girl, I know I look good!" There's nothing wrong with accepting a compliment :-). You are God's handiwork! You are a masterpiece!...just let that sink in. 

Enough about on to inner beauty! Beauty of the mind, personality, ideas, interests etc...Being yourself is the most freeing thing evah! I feel like I crack God up all the time when He witnesses my senior/blonde moments that happen way too often. Once I was looking for my cellphone...while talking to someone on my cellphone...I know He got a real kick out of that.
Anyway, we all have different personalities.  I think it's beautiful how we balance each other out. Quiet vs opinionated. Leaders vs followers. Planners vs "go with the flow" people. When we all come together we make a perfect fit :-). That's the beautiful thing about unity. We all bring something different to the table...imagine if your family was getting together for Thanksgiving dinner but everyone brought a boring would that dinner be! What about the glory greens, mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie?! Our differences, believe it or not, play a huge part in bringing us together.

Love who YOU are! There's nothing worse than trying to be someone else because only you can be YOU. So be the best YOU you can be <3. 


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