Straight to Curly

I rarely straighten my hair for two reasons. 1. I love my natural hair more 2. It takes forever! Although, whenever I do straighten my hair I enjoy seeing my length and it's a fun change to have straight hair for a few days :-) I'm not going to go over my straightening routine because it's pretty basic but, I am going to go over what I do to reinvigorate my curls after they have been straight for a while. 

When you straighten your curls, you have to reverse your thinking a lot. Instead of focusing on keeping your hair hydrated so you won't have any frizz, you're thinking about avoiding ALL liquids so your curls don't begin to show. Your first wash after straight hair, make sure that you are using a conditioner that you are familiar with (this is not the time to experiment). Hydration should once again be your main focus. I used Tresemme and Shea Moisture's Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque. This made my hair feel like butter! It was silky and strong. After I rinsed my hair with cool water, I reapplied some of my conditioner to keep my hair feeling silky and moisturized and then I applied Shea Moisture's Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment to my ends. This has kept my hair from feeling dry.

Your curls need a lot of attention and spoiling after they've been straightened so be sure to give them that. My curls love Shea moisture products so I've been using these two great strengthening products and my favorite Curl Enhancing Smoothie. 

I hope this post is helpful.


  1. You cannot go wrong with this line. I love the results.


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