Curl Confidence

Hey curlies! 
I've been thinking a lot about our confidence in our curls...In one of my earlier posts (How I Fell In Love With My Hair), I explained that my confidence really came from my mother deciding to go natural. Witnessing her "hair journey" inspired me to love my hair. 

Social media and movies impacted me so much when I was a kid. In almost every hair product commercial I watched those women tossing their glossy straight hair back and forth and all I could do was envy them. And who can forget the Princess Diaries movie?! At first, she had big curly hair that she didn't know how to take care of so it looked awful. Then, in her makeover scene they straightened it and all of a sudden she was considered beautiful, desirable, and worthy enough to be a princess. I would dream of one day having a make over like that. 

You sorta learn to ignore things like that. You have to. You rely on your support system! Whether it be a friend, member in your family, or even someone you follow on Instagram. Instead of envying something that you don't have, envy the confidence of those that DO have what you have. Envy people that aren't afraid to go outside even though they're having our sometimes stressful big hair days :-). Read their posts, watch their vlogs, read their blogs (hint, hint)! Let them inspire you! Trust me it helps! 


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