Medusa Hairstyle

Hey curly girls! So sorry I haven't been posting more often. I'm going to try and improve on that for sure. Here is a style I tried a couple weeks ago that is very easy and really cool!

Step 1- Rope braid all of your hair (individual braids, not just one). The size depends on how small or large you want your fake dreads to be. If you don't know how to rope braid, here is a helpful YouTube video:

Step 2 - After leaving it in over night, carefully unbraid and separate the strands as you see fit. They will look like very neat far as the dread-like effect, you can get that by messing your hair up a bit (such as teasing it) and leaving it like that for your second and third day hair. 

I really loved this style because it's a nice option for a completely different hair look, it's a head turner and it's so simple! 

I like to call it the Medusa Hairstyle because I felt like my hair was more snake-like than dread-like =D


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