Sunday, December 20, 2015

Braid-out and Festive Braid

Hey there curlies! This week I did a braid out. It was a simple two-braids/Laura Ingalls Wilder style braid out. The results are in the pic above. I used my go-to products: Tresemme conditioner, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Kninky Curly Curling Custard. My hair was SO soft! The cold air can make your hair feel really dry and brittle so this was great! 

The day after, I was going to church so I wanted to do something special with my hair. It was basically the "Pre-Christmas" service so I figured I should make an effort :-). 

The braid-out result was still very obvious and made my hair easy to dress up. All it needed was a simple yet festive braid. I took a chunk of the front of my hair (right side) and French braided it. I continued the braid, then when I reached the middle section I fish tailed it, and finished it with the regular three strand braid. This added a neat dynamic to the braid and I loved how it turned out! 

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy your time with friends and family <3

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Perm Rod Style

Hey curly girls! Today we are featuring Danyel! Her hair type is 4b and below are the steps to achieve this fun look. Enjoy! 

 The picture with my hair out in a curly afro is what the style looked like after two weeks of having the style. And the one where it is in a pony tail is also three weeks. The ones with the scarf and hat are the first week.

(If you want to blow out your hair for this style, do it before doing this step) If you are not blow drying your hair out, it will help a lot to start on wet hair. Make sure you have as many perm rods or rollers that you want to use for this style. I wanted medium to small curls so I used skinny perm rods. 

Step 1:
Separate your hair into four sections to make styling easier on yourself. Either bun each second up into a bantu knot or simply wrap it up.  

Step 2:
Take one section of your hair and un-bun it. To make sure your hair is extra conditioned and shiny, I put in some honey, milk, and oatmeal leave-in conditioner and then some Olive Oil shine enhancer spray. I rubbed it in this section of hair and went on. (That whole part is optional!)

Step 3:
We will put this section into mini twists. I did six twists in each section of my hair. Taking the section you just took down, grab a small amount of hair (or however much you feel will make your first twist) and began to detangle it while still wet. After you've detangled, create your twist and continute the rest just like that. 

Step 4:
Continue the previous step until each four sections of hair has six twist in each section which should account up to 24 twists. 

Note: Doing this gives it extra curl action before you even put the rods in, but if that is not your style, you can detangle each section as I mentioned but instead of doing six twists, simply go to the next step. 

Step 5:
So that I get extra curly hair before I put the perm rods in, I slept with the twists style overnight but I have done this hairstyle all in one day before. So it is possible. Start from whatever side you want and grab one twist. Make sure the rest of your twist are out of the way. Unwrap the twist and take one section, moisten up that part if you want and slowly wrap that piece in a spiral action. 

To Complete the spiral curl: Take the piece of hair and start from the END of your hair. Wrap the hair around the perm rod twice, then roll up once. Repeat this step until the perm rod is all the way at the root of your hair. 

Step 6:
When you're done, place a nice sized bonnet over your head and sleep, when you take the hair down, your hair will be super curly. 

Step 7:
Always loosen up the curls, because after taking the perm rods out, they will bounce all the way to the root which can become annoying and you want length to your hair. Take a curl and slowly and carefully separate it so that the curl is looser but still bouncy  and not frizzy. 

There ya go! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hair Refresher Spray

Waking up with a halo of frizz is never fun. Some days (*cough* most days *cough*), I don't have time for a quick wash and go. I enjoy the warmth of my bed for as loooonng as possible during the cold fall/winter mornings so I don't have as much time to fix up my hair to perfection :)...let's be real! 
Those days when your hair still looks awesome and you just need to smooth out your frizz in the front or wherever your problem areas are you need to hydrate it. 
I can't say this enough...Your new BFF is water!

Keep a spray bottle in your refrigerator with some water and a few pumps of your favorite styling product in it. I also add some rose petals for a fun aroma. 

Step 1: mash up your rose for five minutes, add a few pumps of your styling product, mash it up for five more minutes 

Step 2: put your mash in a strainer over a mug and pour hot water over it

Step 3: place a cloth over a cup (or your spray bottle) and pour your liquid into it

Step: put it in the refrigerator so it can cool...then enjoy! 

Monday, November 23, 2015


I know I'm a day late! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Better late than never though, right? Here's a new hairstyle post, curlies!

This is obviously a bun, but it's a little different. It's not a messy bun or twisted bun. You take all of your hair, twist it around ONCE and then secure it with your hairband (use a hairband that already has some stretch to it). You're going to have many fly away hairs. No worries! That's what bobbypins are for :). If your hair is past your shoulders, you can even just wrap each fly away hair strand around your bun instead of using bobby pins. That way you don't need to worry about losing any pins in your hair AND it helps to secure your bun even more! #winwin

This look is very simple and the size of the bun as well as hair accessories (optional) can dress it up and make it look very dramatic.

Quick tip for the type 2 hair types: you may need to do some extra work to get the fullness of the bun. Some teasing and a bit of hairspray can go a long way.

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey curly girls! Today's post is all about you! Not your hair, just you. Honestly, I didn't prepare any natural hair blog post this week so I'm just winging it lol.

Curl confidence is really important to me because I remember the days of hating my hair. I envied the straight hair of my friends and acquaintances. I didn't begin to love my curls until my mom did the big chop and I saw how much she loved her fro :-). Confidence in your curls is important but confidence in yourself is even more important!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! I see too many girls being called beautiful and they respond by saying, "Oh, stop!", or "You're just being nice", or my
 least favorite, "Stop lying!" I'm sure there are a few different reasons why these responses are given but none of them are right. Sorry to be so blunt. I want my words, whether spoken or written in a comment, to inspire other young ladies. I don't want them to mimic women who are basically degrading themselves. When someone tells me I look beautiful I say "Thank you!" If my mom and I compliment each other on how pretty we look one day we will both say "Girl, I know I look good!" There's nothing wrong with accepting a compliment :-). You are God's handiwork! You are a masterpiece!...just let that sink in. 

Enough about on to inner beauty! Beauty of the mind, personality, ideas, interests etc...Being yourself is the most freeing thing evah! I feel like I crack God up all the time when He witnesses my senior/blonde moments that happen way too often. Once I was looking for my cellphone...while talking to someone on my cellphone...I know He got a real kick out of that.
Anyway, we all have different personalities.  I think it's beautiful how we balance each other out. Quiet vs opinionated. Leaders vs followers. Planners vs "go with the flow" people. When we all come together we make a perfect fit :-). That's the beautiful thing about unity. We all bring something different to the table...imagine if your family was getting together for Thanksgiving dinner but everyone brought a boring would that dinner be! What about the glory greens, mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie?! Our differences, believe it or not, play a huge part in bringing us together.

Love who YOU are! There's nothing worse than trying to be someone else because only you can be YOU. So be the best YOU you can be <3. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ringlet Wash and Go!

I've been doing braid outs and twist outs almost all week. Protective styles, though they are awesome for your hair, can be a lot of work and take some time...especially if your hair is long. It's always nice to default to a quick and easy wash and go.

The wash and go I did this week is the picture above. I've done this style once before and I love it! It's basically a post rope braid twist-out wash and go. I used Eco Styler Gel because it gives my twist outs the most hold and rope braids easily come undone if you don't use good product. This wash and go makes your ponytails and buns look awesome! I usually always go with the pony tail because I love having all the ringlets hang. You don't have to worry about frizz with this wash and go which is one of the main reasons why I love it! Frizz free=Worry free! Just make sure you're using the right product and the size of your rope braids aren't too big.

This is a great two-day hair style process. If you're a full time student like me AND work you don't want to waste any time wondering what your curls are going to decide to look like the next day :-)

Here are some steps to make it more clear:

Day1: Rope Braid Twist out with Eco Styler Gel. Keep the braids in over night and then rock the twist out the next day. I usually wear a bun with this.

Day 2: Wash and go time! After you wash your hair, apply your styling products. I use very little of Tresemme conditioner as a base for my styling products. I follow up with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my leave in, and Kinky Curly Curling Custard as my gel (mostly applied to the ends). Pony tails, half up-half down hairstyles, and buns look great with this Ringlet Wash and Go!


Tip: Keep your scalp well nourished and clean! This not only keeps your hair healthy, but helps it maintain healthy hair growth as well! I've been doing an olive oil (2 Tablespoons) and lemon (1 Tablespoon) scalp treatment. There are many other types of oil treatments for all types of hair but the steps are similar for all of them: Massage it into your scalp, keep it in for 30 minutes (you never need to keep any oils in your hair for longer than 30 minutes), then wash it out. Pay attention to how often you should do what treatment you choose. Mine is twice a week at most. 

With morning comes the morning curly girl mane...Embrace it(;

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Curl Types

Hello curly girls! Today, the Bobi Curls blog has a gotten a well deserved makeover look and a couple new pages for you to check out! We now have tabs dedicated to specific hair types. Feel free to check out those pages to get even more ideas and inspiration.

"Loving my curls is not an act of acceptance, it's just me embracing who I am."

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Twist Out Product Comparison

Kinky Curly (left pic) and Eco Styler Gel (right pic)
Hey Curly girls! Colder weather is approaching and so are protective hairstyles. I did two twist outs this week but used a different gel each time to compare. I only applied the gel after my usual conditioning routine which is Tresemme Conditioner and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (as a leave in). After my hair air dried for about 5 minutes, I applied my gel to each section of my hair before braiding it.

The twist out picture shows how I braided my hair. I always french twist the hair that is in the front because I find that this technique frames my face better. I also made sure to to section off the hair in the middle of the crown of my head so that it could cover my part. I did the same exact twist out twice and the results had a few interesting differences which the above picture shows.

The Kinky Curly Curling Custard Gel has been my gel-go-to for forever! It makes my hair soft, gives it a healthy shine, and nice shape. I also got a very nice botticelli curl effect. The Eco Styler Gel with Argan Oil did a fantastic job as well. It didn't give me as much length but it gave my twist outs a lot more hold which impressed me.

Kinky Curly showed off the length and body of my hair.

Eco Gel enhanced the effect of the twist out.

Have a great week everyone! If you have any requests or questions feel free to comment below!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Hair Straightening Routine

Hey curly girls! This post was requested by a follower on the Bobi Curls Facebook page. How I straighten my hair. I mentioned in a previous post that I don't straighten my hair often...maybe once or twice a year and I'm not exaggerating! My routine is very basic but I'm happy to share!

Step 1: I wash and condition my hair with the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner. This gives your hair the smoothness and strength it will need before straightening. Apply it generously and rinse. 

Step 2: It is important to let your hair dry (air dry or use a T-shirt). You don't want to blow dry your hair immediately. You want to avoid using heat anymore than is necessary.  

Step 3: Separate your hair into sections and blow dry. I set the blow dryer on High and use my Con Air Ceramic Hair Brush Paddle while I'm blow drying. There are differing views on blow drying your curls. Some people think that you should keep the setting on Low so that your curls aren't exposed to too much heat at once. Others think that keeping your blow dryer on a Low heat setting is hard on your hair because the drying process takes a lot longer and you're still applying direct heat that your hair is not used to. Feel free to try out what works for you and I would love to hear your view on this! 

Step 4: I apply Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco and Tresemme Heat Tamer Leave-in Spray to each section of my air before I straighten it. Make sure you are applying these products evenly. 

Step 5: Time to straighten! I use the same technique with my straightener that I use with my blow dryer. While I am applying the heat I am combing through my hair at the same time. Instead of using my Con Air Paddle I use my Evolve Detangling Comb. I use the HerStyler 1" Straightener. It's maybe two or three years old but it still work very well for me. There is no heat setting. It is nicely shaped so you can also use it to curl. 

That's all folks! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Straight to Curly

I rarely straighten my hair for two reasons. 1. I love my natural hair more 2. It takes forever! Although, whenever I do straighten my hair I enjoy seeing my length and it's a fun change to have straight hair for a few days :-) I'm not going to go over my straightening routine because it's pretty basic but, I am going to go over what I do to reinvigorate my curls after they have been straight for a while. 

When you straighten your curls, you have to reverse your thinking a lot. Instead of focusing on keeping your hair hydrated so you won't have any frizz, you're thinking about avoiding ALL liquids so your curls don't begin to show. Your first wash after straight hair, make sure that you are using a conditioner that you are familiar with (this is not the time to experiment). Hydration should once again be your main focus. I used Tresemme and Shea Moisture's Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque. This made my hair feel like butter! It was silky and strong. After I rinsed my hair with cool water, I reapplied some of my conditioner to keep my hair feeling silky and moisturized and then I applied Shea Moisture's Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment to my ends. This has kept my hair from feeling dry.

Your curls need a lot of attention and spoiling after they've been straightened so be sure to give them that. My curls love Shea moisture products so I've been using these two great strengthening products and my favorite Curl Enhancing Smoothie. 

I hope this post is helpful.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Curl Confidence

Hey curlies! 
I've been thinking a lot about our confidence in our curls...In one of my earlier posts (How I Fell In Love With My Hair), I explained that my confidence really came from my mother deciding to go natural. Witnessing her "hair journey" inspired me to love my hair. 

Social media and movies impacted me so much when I was a kid. In almost every hair product commercial I watched those women tossing their glossy straight hair back and forth and all I could do was envy them. And who can forget the Princess Diaries movie?! At first, she had big curly hair that she didn't know how to take care of so it looked awful. Then, in her makeover scene they straightened it and all of a sudden she was considered beautiful, desirable, and worthy enough to be a princess. I would dream of one day having a make over like that. 

You sorta learn to ignore things like that. You have to. You rely on your support system! Whether it be a friend, member in your family, or even someone you follow on Instagram. Instead of envying something that you don't have, envy the confidence of those that DO have what you have. Envy people that aren't afraid to go outside even though they're having our sometimes stressful big hair days :-). Read their posts, watch their vlogs, read their blogs (hint, hint)! Let them inspire you! Trust me it helps! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Medusa Hairstyle

Hey curly girls! So sorry I haven't been posting more often. I'm going to try and improve on that for sure. Here is a style I tried a couple weeks ago that is very easy and really cool!

Step 1- Rope braid all of your hair (individual braids, not just one). The size depends on how small or large you want your fake dreads to be. If you don't know how to rope braid, here is a helpful YouTube video:

Step 2 - After leaving it in over night, carefully unbraid and separate the strands as you see fit. They will look like very neat far as the dread-like effect, you can get that by messing your hair up a bit (such as teasing it) and leaving it like that for your second and third day hair. 

I really loved this style because it's a nice option for a completely different hair look, it's a head turner and it's so simple! 

I like to call it the Medusa Hairstyle because I felt like my hair was more snake-like than dread-like =D