Half Braided Half Down Hairstyle

Hey curlies! 
Here's a style I tried out this past Wednesday. I really like the way it turned out! I've been really lazy with my hair lately. I've either been putting it in a bun or wearing it down but, when Wednesday came I decided to change that. It's always fun to surprise people by showing them all the cool hairstyles you can do with curly hair. 

This hairstyle is very easy. It's for people with middle length to long length hair. 
All you do is take all of your hair in the front, braid it, wrap it around the back of your head and tuck the ends under the opposite braid. If you look closely you can see my bobby pins in the bottom left photo. 

I hope you enjoy this hairstyle! It's definetly a head turner and has a really elegant and retro look which I love :-). 


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