Hair Interview: Sisterlocked Diva


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello Naturalistas! My name is Lauren Francis-Jackson and I am The Sisterlocked Diva! I am a natural hair blogger/vlogger who focuses on the sisterlocks/locs community in providing tips, information, inspiration, events, and more! I live in Silver Spring, Maryland with my two dogs, Max (a pug) and Roxy (a Boston Terrier). I work as a speech pathologist for the early intervention program under the school system in Maryland.

Briefly describe your hair journey:

I began my journey by questioning what is in a relaxer and is that what is good for me and my body! I decided to transition that very day after learning more about the harmful effects of relaxers on our bodies. I transitioned for 5 months before doing the big chop. I went completely natural in April 2011. I loved my short fro, but was not into the daily maintenance as my hair got longer. I knew I was ready for sisterlocks (that was the goal when I decided to go natural) at that time. I began my sisterlock journey in May 2012 and have been loving it ever since!

If you had to give one what would you say your hair type is?

I have kinky, tightly coiled hair in its loose natural state! It shrinks up as soon as water hits it and appears much shorter than its true length. My personal philosophy with the hair typing system is that it is not so helpful (e.g., 3a, 4b, etc.). You can have the exact same type of hair as someone else, however your hair can behave very differently. The only hair type I care about is healthy hair!

Please tell us some ways you encourage others with naturally curly hair:

Since I speak to the locs and sisterlocks community primarily, I talk about how to care for new locs and sisterlocks with healthy hair care routines, product recommendations for your loc’d hair including hair products and accessories, encouraging messages about locs, posting inspirational pictures featuring different styles, hosting events focusing on hair care and information on locs from bloggers and locticians/sisterlock consultants, and interviewing locticians and consultants as well as followers about their locs & sisterlocks.

Please share your hair regimen with us:

Daily Maintenance: I spritz my sisterlocks as needed with water for moisture (usually every few days). My sisterlocks stay moisturized well with eating a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables and water. I freestyle my sisterlocks a lot, meaning that I choose low manipulation styles. I do style my sisterlocks ranging from curls to flat twisted updos. I am the updo queen as my locks are getting longer and it is hot as always this summer in the DMV.

Wash Day: To prepare my hair to get wash, I braid (twist) and band my sisterlocks. In small sections of 10 locks, I two strand twist the section loosely to the ends. Then I tuck the ends under and secure with a rubber band. I do this to prevent my sisterlocks from unraveling since my ends are still open. I will do this until my ends are sealed. Then, I shampoo my sisterlocks every two weeks with the Getting Started Sisterlock Shampoo. I shampoo twice and rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, I undo all of the bundles and separate lock by lock to avoid locks bunching together.

What products proved disastrous to your hair and how?

For new sisterlocks, you should not be using oils of any kind or conditioner. Both of these products can cause unraveling and slippage with your sisterlocks. With traditional locs, I would stay away from products that are very creamy in nature due to the buildup issues they can create.

What are your favorite products and why?

Overall, I love how “less is more” with locs and you don’t need a whole bunch of products for your hair. Keeping a simple regimen will keep your locs healthy!

For Sisterlocks: A healthy diet, water, and a cute Lilla Rose hair clip! With eating well, sisterlocks will thrive in that environment!! The only product I really use and love is for setting my locks on curlers. I swear by Taliah Waajid’s Crinkles & Curls for rod sets, flexi rods sets, and more!

For Locs: You can use a wider array of products on your traditional locs! I like a good essential oil, a good sulfate free shampoo (Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo is good), and an apple cider vinegar rinse to remove buildup!

Are you treated differently when your hair is curly versus straight?

I was just thinking about this question! I get many more compliments on my hair if it is styled versus just freestyled (its natural state). I have noticed this trend with everyone from men to coworkers, cashiers at a store to a random naturalista! I get much more compliments from men and women as my hair has gotten longer and can do more with it!

What's the most difficult thing about having natural hair?

I don’t really see a difficult part to having sisterlocks! Whether pinned up or worn down, I absolutely fell in love with my natural hair in sisterlocks. I enjoyed my TWA and twists, but my passion got hyped when I became sisterlocked.

What's the coolest thing about having curly hair?

The coolest thing about having sisterlocks is the flexibility in styling! This was the factor that sold me because I like different looks! I have done so much more to my hair in terms of styling since sisterlocked than in the year as a loose natural. I liked that I could manipulate my sisterlocks in similar ways as a loose hair natural WITHOUT the daily maintenance!

If you ever have any questions about locs and sisterlocks, feel free to check out my blog! You can also find out more about sisterlocks by visiting the official site!



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