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Tell us a little bit about yourself?


My name is Eddie Lee. I am an entrepreneur and single mother of two beautiful children. My 18 year old son has locs and my 10 year old daughter has the most beautiful head of thick, super coily 4c hair! Everyone in my home is educated on hair; keeping our hair healthy is as important as keeping our bodies healthy. My children know how to read labels; they are aware of the importance of hydration and protein; they have an in-depth understanding of growing healthy hair.

Briefly describe your hair journey:

I reluctantly started my natural hair journey because within two days of having an allergic reaction to bonding glue, I suffered a devastating bout of severe hair loss, balding, thinning and excessive shedding. Although going natural was the last thing on Earth I wanted to do, after fighting it for years, I realized it was the ONLY thing I didn’t try in order to grow a complete head of healthy hair! I had planned to go natural for only a year and then start relaxing again, but after discovering my true texture and having a baby with super fine hair, that I didn’t think would ever be able to withstand a relaxer, I decided I would give it a try a little longer than a year. That was almost 9 years ago. Now, my business is to empower women through seminars, workshops, consultations, and providing them healthy hair care products and advice to help them understand, embrace, and fall in love with their natural hair.

If you had to give one what would you say your hair type is?

My hair type is all of the 4 family…It’s very coily and dense.

Please tell us some ways you encourage others with naturally curly hair:
I tell my story and I am absolutely honest about all aspects, the good, bad and ugly! I provide pictures of our progress, styles, and ideas on how to care for naturally curly hair. Embracing my natural hair has changed me from the inside out. I am more patient (dealing w/my hair type, you have to be very patient); I am more confident (I don’t worry so much about what people think any more) and starting with loving the one part of me with NO conditions has given me the courage to love every part of who I am little by little; and now I am completely in love with the person I have become. That in itself is worth any downside of being natural.

Please share your hair regimen with us:

I wash my hair every 10 days or so with Sweet Nature by Eddie (SNBE) Sulfate Free moisturizing shampoo, follow it up with SNBE, peppermint infused deep conditioner. I usually do two strand twists with (SNBE) Wisdom, heavy moisturizer. Lately, I’ve been wearing braids, so I wash and deep condition my hair weekly, and moisturize it daily with Growth Moisturizing Spray. I always do a henna treatment before getting braids because it strengthens the hair, which is needed with the tugging and pulling of getting braids.

What products proved disastrous to your hair and how?

ANYTHING with mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum, sulfates or other synthetic chemicals
known for drying out the hair! They make my hair feel like a Brillo pad; dry and wiry

What are your favorite products and why?

I’ve only used one line for the last 7 years; Sweet Nature by Eddie. First of all, this is the product line I created because I couldn’t find products that gave me the results I wanted for my hair type; secondly it leaves my very dense, thick, coily hair soft and manageable, yet strong. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have allowed me to grow my hair longer and healthier than ever before. The line has several different moisturizers for all different hair types.

Are you treated differently when your hair is curly versus straight?

I have worn my hair straight once in 9 years; I can’t say I was treated differently, but I sure felt different. I actually felt uncomfortable, almost like I wasn’t being “true” to myself. When I look back on when my hair was straight, I was treated differently, but I think it’s because I was a different person.

What's the most difficult thing about having curly hair?

The time and energy it takes to style it. The longer my hair gets, the more difficult it is to manage, so I cut if often.

What's the coolest thing about having curly hair?

The endless versatility!


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