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Bobi Curls Blog Feature Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ebony .I am the founder and creator of I’ve been married now for 10 years to my wonderful husband Paul who is my biggest supporter. I am a woman who has accepted my purpose in life which is a life of service, first to God and then people. I am very committed to helping people see that they can in fact live a life of FREEDOM! I am motivated by seeing people realize who they are and living the life of their dreams.  I live by this quote “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, and kindness in your smile.” ~ Mother Theresa

Briefly describe your hair journey:

I wore my hair very short for years and I decided that I didn’t want to wear it short anymore, and I’ve always liked curly hair so I told my husband that I was going to let my hair grow and wear it long and curly that was it. It wasn’t until about 7 months of wearing my hair in braids that I decided to not braid it again. I turned 30 that June and I was ready for a completely different look. I wanted to look like “ME” so in August I took the braids down and I ended up doing a Big Chop. And I’ve loved my journey to having healthy hair ever since!

If you had to give one what would you say your hair type is?

I’m asked this quite often. I don’t really get into “Hair Typing” but I understand for a lot of people it helps them with finding the right products. But like a lot of natural curly people I have several different curl patters, I have some 3c curls and mostly 4A

Please tell us some ways you encourage others with naturally curly hair:

On my website and other social media pages I post DIY recipe tips, post pictures of various curly and other natural hair styles. I offer as much support as I can by answering questions etc.. and helping people to see themselves the way God sees them as Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. I try to help people understand that each of us were created differently so we all have different textures, and learn to LOVE the texture you’ve been given because it’s beautiful.

Please share your hair regimen with us:

I try to keep my regimen as simple as possible; I co-wash weekly sometimes twice a week depending on my style. I deep condition on a regular basis. I have a Huetiful HairSteamer that I also use especially when my hair feels like it needs a little extra TLC, for clarifying I will use a bentonite clay treatment. Nothing too complex for me:-)

What products proved disastrous to your hair and how?

I’m more a scent and ingredient person so I usually stay away from products that have minty or vanilla scents. I stay away from products with mineral oil because it just stays on my hair and ends up causing build up (everyone is different).
Recently my hair has seemed to become quite sensitive to protein or to heavy amounts of protein. so I’ve been researching more products that are protein free.

What are your favorite products and why?

My favorite products are HoneyChile Hair Love Products which can be purchased online:

Shea Moisture Products-I really love the deep conditioning treatment

Coconut Oil,Olive Oil,Almond Oil,Jojoba are my favorites as well

I LOVE a good shea butter whip mix

What's the coolest thing about having curly hair?

For starters I can go out in the rain lol. It’s very can do so many styles with having natural curly hair. I love wearing my hair curly because I always stand out, when I look in the mirror I don’t see anyone other than Ebony and I LOVE that.

Understand that each of us were created differently so we all have different textures, curl patterns etc. and learn to LOVE the texture you’ve been given because it’s uniquely yours and BEAUTIFUL

Please attach 3 photos of you. One with hair before washing and immediately after washing and another with it styled. You can actually post unlimited about of pictures of your hair styled.


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