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Why Bobi Blogs About Natural Hair


Hi Bobi. I absolutely love your page dedicated to natural curls. My daughter is biracial, and I have tried so many products. I can't afford to spend a ton of money on products for her, but I wish she would be able to wear her pretty curls down more often. I read about co-washing and I'm wondering if that would help her, but I don't get the concept. Do you skip the shampoo all together? Or is co-washing just adding conditioner on the days that you don't wash. If you could please explain that in a post on your page it certainly could help us caucasian moms who have no clue, LOL. My daughter's hair is just like yours. She is so beautiful and I want to do right by her. Please help me. What is a routine I could use that would be easy on my wallet?

Right now I wash her hair with Tressemme shampoo/rinse
I add loads of conditioner and comb through with the conditioner in. I half rinse, just to get some of it out. Once out of the bath I towel dry, add leave in moisturizer in small parts, and style. When it dries it still frizzes, and once she sleeps on it, it's over. Then it's a pony tail for the rest of the week. I also only wash her hair every 7-10 days since it's very dry to begin with.

What am I doing wrong? ..or not doing to improve her curls?Thanks so much Bobi, your help would be greatly appreciated.

~ A hair distressed mom



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