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Hi! I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me and giving me the strenght to stay natural no matter the social pressure here in Morocco where I have been living since January. For 10 years I have been trying to go natural, I was living abroad and found a great hairdresser who had herself curly hair. However, whenever I came to Morocco for holidays, my mom would pressurize me into straightening them. Then my hairdresser would be very upset Recently I had to do brazilian keratin treatments because of the pressure, and it's been 2 months I didnt do anything, focusing on treating them with curly girl method and natural moisturizing products. For the moment, they look good so I have no pressure. I really hope it's the last time my hair sees any chemical products except color which I am addicted to!! I wish my mom didn't hate my hair and didnt straighten them since I was a little girl!
Curly Girl, Cheyenne

Hey Bobi!!!
I just LOVE your hair and your message!!! I hope my girls feel the same way. I own MopTop Hair. My girls are 13, 10 & 7 and they love their hair too! Way to go, and keep spreading those messages for young girls to embrace the natural beauty God gave them! I'd love for my girls to chat with you.


I just absolutely love coming to your page reading about products and looking at your pics. You have the most beautiful family I have ever seen! God has blessed you and it shows. Thank you for the "positveness" I always receive on this page.

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Thank you so much!! I love your page. You are gorgeous & it's wonderful to see all the beautiful women with beautiful curls! Keep up the good work:D

Role Model

Hi Bobi. Love your hair. I have been looking for someone with beautiful hair like my daughter, Cheyenne, to show her a young lady loving her God given hair. Then I found you. Her hair is much like yours, Bobi, and my hair is much like your mother's, Gloria. Even your hair story is like ours, but she still has not got to the part where she loves her hair. She begs me to flat iron it every day and goes to school feeling less confident than when her hair is ironed straight. I would love to meet you. We long for natural hair friends, most of the girls in her high school and neighborhood have naturally straight hair and cannot relate. Anyway, thanks for sharing your hair journey! God bless you and your family.
Cheyenne currently uses Aunt Jackie's Curl La La Custard.


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