Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey there! If you don't know, I have an Instagram (bobicurls), and as I was using that app I was looking at a lot of hairposts. They all had some really cool stuff, but what I kept on seeing was this french braid bun (picture above). I thought it was pretty cute, but there was something missing.... So, I did the same thing on my neighbor's hair (picture below), but I tweeked it a bit :).
As you can see, I made it a lot more fancy. This is the kind of bun that you can definetly wear at a wedding!! It's gorgeous, retro and you should try it!
I also did a more loose, everyday bun (picture below) which is basically the same thing as the picture on the top of this post, except I did a messy bun.
My neighbor has 2b hair


Hey Girls! As you can you can tell from the picture above this is a twist-out post =). I love twist-outs! They are easy, fun and a great thing to do if you are getting kinda bored with your hair or if you  are just wanting to do something new.
This twist-out ,however, is different. This is not the, what I would call, "picture perfect" kind of twist-out... This is more dread-like kind of twist-out. I'm not a fan of dreads, but I do love doing this look because it is very different, quick, easy, and stylish.

So, the first thing I did after I had washed my hair was apply a little bit of kinky curly on my hair, so that it wouldn't frizz so easily. Then, after it dried a bit, I twisted all of my hair... Now, the size of your braids really don't matter because it all depends on how you want it to look when you untwist it. I like to do smaller braids in the back to show off my length and a little bit bigger braids in the front to frame my face nicely =).
I even love having my hair just like this and in the photo above you can see that I wore a hat to make the hair-do more fun!

And this is what my hair looks like untwisted =). So, yeah! Really fun, really different, and just something new. I love changing my look with my hair and clothes because I love trying new things that nobody else does, so I hope you guys like it and you can try it too!