Product review: Tresseme Conditioner

Hey, girls! I have been experimenting with some other products this week and I am very impressed with the results! I have heard a lot of people talk about Tresseme and say how it's their "Staple", they could never do their hair without it; etc. Well, finally, one day my mom decided to buy it and we have tried it out. She got the Tresseme Nourishing Moisture conditioner.

I LOVE this product it works great and the best thing about it is... no frizz! I'm serious! I think the way I applied this product helped me have less frizz. I also have started to finger comb my hair and that has reduced my frizz as well! I put it in as a leave-in as well as a conditioner, so I put the product on my hands, run my fingers through sections of my hair (when it's soaking wet, of course), and I don't rinse it out.  My first day hair was great and my second day hair (today) even better! For my hair type, I think this can last my curls up to 3-4 days.
The only thing I don't like about this conditioner is that it has some ingredients that I don't really like putting in my hair. It's silicone-free, but there are lots of different alcohol ingredients in it and Fragrance.

My Second Day Hair

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  1. You found a GREAT product!!! I love it!!

  2. I love the way it feels too. I may have overdosed on it last week because my hair was difficult to manage today after washing it out...we'll see.

    Thanks Bobi!

  3. Sa Kap Fet. I love that stuff, too. I just bought it for my daughter.
    check out my blog.


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