Product Reveiw: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

Hey everyone! Today I am finally reviewing the Paul Mitchell Conditioner! I've heard a lot about this product and my mom and I decided that we should try it.

My mom tried it first and hated it. She said that it made her hair feel hard and stringy. When I tried it the first thing I noticed was the color... Blue! This is definitely not a natural product! The smell was also very different to me. My mom described it as a "salon" product smell.
It worked pretty good though. I could finger comb my hair easy and it made my curls look nice. I don't like it as much as I like the Tresseme Conditioner, but it works.
The one thing I do love about it is that it comes in such a huge container! As you can see in the picture on the top left it is a lot bigger than all of the other products I've reviewed so far.

My mom and I bought it at a beauty store for $22.99 (we got the 33.8 fl. oz.).

The photos on the right are of what my hair looked like when I used The Conditioner.
My hair is still a little damp in these photos.

BTW: Sorry the photos didn't turn out too good:(... If you really want to see them I have them on my Twitter account (Natcurlygirlz) and on my Instagram (Bobicurls).
Thank you!!


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