Who Said Curly Hair Isn't Cool?!

 My friend Stacie finally taking her hair (2a) out of her messy bun and letting it free!

Want to show off some earrings or hair accessories?
This hairstyle is perfect for that!
A simple, yet formal, side ponytail.

Experiment with some cool hair accessories that show off your sense of style.

Floral clips, headbands, bows...etc

More than just hair...
it's an attitude!

- Curly Girl (The Handbook)
Before Kinky-Curly (picture on the left)
And after Kinky-Curly! 
(picture on the right)

By the way, is she cute or is she CUTE?!

Single braids never get old and always make heads turn, they are also a great way to show off your length.        

Express yourself!!


  1. Lov love love! Who is the little girl?

    1. Kylah's little girl, Kymiah :-)

    2. She is adorable!

  2. Stacie, you're my favorite on here because you NEVER say your hair is curly, and it is...BEAUTIFULLY curly.!!! Kymiah should be a straight up model though...CUUUUUTE!!!


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