Picture Perfect Curls

Some days I like to give my hair a little break from the fragrances and sometimes sticky textures that come from most of the styling products that I use. But still, I want my hair to look nice, so this post is going to be about having picture perfect curls without putting any styling products or heat into your hair.

 The way I got this look was by just french braiding all of my hair and then the next day unbraiding it and separating it a bit.

It's a very pretty and fun texture for some simple hairstyles such as side ponytails, half up- half-down dos and quick updos.

To get this look you will need some flexible, rubber curlers. I used about 6-9 curlers so that the curls would be more big and give the illusion that I have short hair.

It only took me about ten minutes to put the curlers in my hair and I kept them in over night.

Botticelli curls are SO much fun and bouncy! This look is definitely one of my favorites!


  1. Do I have to wait until my hair is longer to do this because right now my hair is just shoulder length, curly?

  2. The first hairstyle anyone can do no matter how long your hair is because it stays the same length just with a different kind of curl. You can also do the second hairstyle if you have shoulder length hair, but you should curl it more loosely than I did.

    1. What product can i use on my natural hair

  3. What product can i use on my natural hair had a curly perm now i want go natural so what product would be good use this my email strawberry_miami@yahoo.com thank you


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