My Mom's Four Year Hair Growth

This is a picture of my mom and above is a link to a post on her blog ( ) about her four year hair growth. This is a great post for you girls that are either contemplating about going natural or in the process of. 
She shows each stage of her hair growth and how her hair texture changed in each. Remember, when you go completely natural, as your hair grows it is still trying to find it's natural shape, so the textures will change sometimes. 

I love that my mom is a curly girl! 
It's also so cool how her hair completely reflects her personality: Funny, fun to be around, unafraid, and unpredictable!

Feel free to check out both links and follow her blogger website! You won't regret it!


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  2. I do not like Google+! I obviously don't get it...but I did not want my entire name on there.

  3. Sorry, my mom recently stopped blogging because now we just do the facebook page together. Check it out:) The name is the same: Naturally Curly Girlz

  4. Sorry, Lexi. I use my blog to save some literature I'm writing, but I'm on NCG on facebook, like my daughter said. This blog is also a GREAT asset. The more people sharing info on here the more secure people can start to feel about their beautiful natural hair, you know?


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