Curly Haircut Tips and Video

For all of you curly girls who want to get your hair cut and styled I recommend that you watch this video before you make any decisions. It gives a lot of information and good advice on what to consider before you get your hair cut.

I have recently gotten the "long layers" haircut and I love it! It frames my face very well and it's a very pretty, feminine look. I recommend this haircut for all curly girls from 2a-3c.
I have never been to a hairdresser, my mom has always been the one to trim my hair and she gave me that haircut. She's very talented with cutting corkscrew curls and I definitely trust her with my hair, but that was the first time I had ever had my hair styled, so I was sure to explain to her exactly what I wanted.

Make sure that before you cut your hair you have a very good idea of what you want and if you must go to a hairdresser be sure to at least have a picture of someone that has almost your exact hair type (as said in the video) with the haircut you want and show it to your hair dresser.


  1. One tip: If you are 3C-4 hair types who want to keep your hair at least at shoulder length, ONLY TRIM the VERY BACK! That's the part of hair with the most shrinkage so it NEVER looks good to cut the back the same length or shorter than the front...NEVER!!!

  2. great tip g...and thanks so much for the video. They should MAKE YOU see this AT THE STYLIST before you get your haircut. It would save so many girls horror stories!


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