Curly Girl Hairstyle: Figure 8 Braid

This is very cool, very retro hairstyle.
It is basically a figure 8 braid teased at the beginning of the braid.

This braid looks a lot like the Fish Tail braid, but it is more horizontal than diagonal.

This braid does take practice to master especially to get the look you want.

As you can see I braided loosely at the top, which helps with the teasing, and gradually made the braid more tight at the bottom.

Here is a close up on the teased area of the braid
Basically, what I did was pull out tons of hair with my fingers and my wide toothed comb,
separated those curls to make them more frizzy and give the hairstyle more texture,
then I picked it with my comb.


This is what the braid looks like without being teased.
It is a very pretty braid and a definite head-turner.
I love this braid and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you do not know how to do this braid watch the video below:


  1. Isn't it cool...all the things we can do with our natural hair?

    1. Absolutely,the versatility of our natural hair is awesome

  2. Beautiful braid style, we just wanted to know if your hair gets tangled when removing the braid with curly natural hair?

    We use a product to detangle all types of hair textures-the Take Down Remover/Detangler cream. Try it if you ever have really tangled knots-it really soften the hair.

    1. It is a different type of braid, but it doesn't really make your hair tangled.
      I'm always excited to try new products! I will look into it and post a review once I try it:)

  3. The braid is great and looks lovely on you,thanks for posting it.


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