TIP: Dry Your Hair with T-Shirts


Of course, the best way to dry your hair is to air dry it. However long and tedious that might sound, it's true! But, if you have a busy day and you don't have the time to air dry the next best solution is to dry your hair with a plain T-Shirt. It can be old or new, long sleeve or short sleeve, that doesn't really matter; but the point is that you want to resist the urge to just grab a towel to dry your hair because towels cause our hair to frizz and at the end of the day... we don't want that!
Using a T-shirt is easy you just scrunge your hair gently, the same way you would with a towel. After you're done you can just keep the T-shirt on your back and when your hair starts to drip scrunge it again with the T-shirt. You can even tie your hair up with the T-shirt like a turban if you need to get dressed or put on your make-up and you don't want your wet hair dripping over everything.


  1. Funny thing is a lot of people don't know this! It's the best thing for curly or straight hair.

  2. I don't dry my hair ANYMORE!!!


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