Embrace The Frizz

I know you guys are going to think that this is really crazy, but I kinda like my frizz! It gives my hair texture and it's something that SO many people are trying to copy these days! People crimp their hair and then they comb it out to make a huge frizzy blob of hair..., but it's nothing close to what our hair does.

We have to stop getting mad at our hair for what it naturally does! When we go outside and it's really humid, we shouldn't go out thinking, "Oh my gosh! My hair is totally gonna poof and it's gonna look huge!"
No! We should think, "Oh well! If my hair poofs I'm gonna rock it!"

In these pics my hair is super frizzy and it poofed, usually I would quickly grab a hair holder (or hair tie... whatever you call it!) and then put all my hair in a bun; but that day I just kept my hair down and embraced the frizz!!

It's All About Texture!


  1. You're amazing! This is so cool!

  2. Hell yeah!! frizz is in!! you should love what your blessed with.. n your have lovely hair.. frizzy hair suits you really well.


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