How I Fell In Love With My Hair

I remember that when I was a kid I actually didn’t like my curly hair… at all… I hated it! I think the only time I actually enjoyed my hair was when it was wet and detangled, because I liked how it looked so long and Princess-like.
I hated how it got so big and frizzed all the time. I only wore my hair two ways: In a pony-tail or down. I didn’t use anything particular in my hair I just conditioned it and combed it (part of the reason why it was so out of control).

At the time my mom still had relaxed hair and she tried her best to encourage me to love the hair that God gave me. I must admit it was very hard being a curly girl and not knowing any other curly girls that I could talk to. Especially when all the girls at my school had long straight hair and were always playing with it, flicking it back and forth… I thought it was so cool how they would, in the middle of class, just start giving themselves a different hairstyle.
Example: If their hair was in a bun and they got tired of it they would take it out and braid their hair into two. Just like that. I thought that I didn’t have the freedom to do anything like that in my hair. Whenever I tried to braid my hair strands would just hang out and it never looked neat… like theirs did.

When I got older and went into my pre-teen years I tried to like my hair and wanted to try more hairstyles with it. The farthest I went was putting my hair half up-half down and doing pigtails… Boring! I needed help!

Finally one night I asked my mom, “Mom, why do you say I should keep my hair natural when you don’t?”

That was the night my mom cut all of her hair off! Yep, just like that!
It took a long time, but my mom definitely enjoyed the journey of “getting to know” her curls.
When my mom started noticing how her hair curled she wanted to start finding some, good, natural products for us both to use in our hair.
And then we found it… KINKY-CURLY!! The miracle for ALL curly girls!
When we started using Kinky-Curly hair products our curls were completely defined, hydrated, and healthy!! We still use Kinky-Curly and our curls love it!

When my mom’s hair got longer (I’d say finger length) she was enthralled! She would continually remark on how AMAZING her hair looked and say that she wished she had cut it a long time ago.
She started researching EVERYTHING about curly hair! How to keep it hydrated, what products to use, what products NOT to use, how to trim curly hair; etc…
Watching my mom with her hair made me start to kinda like my hair, but still I was not IN LOVE with it like mom was with hers.

It took me a long while until I actually started getting interested in using some more product in my hair, such as gel. When I listened to mom more and started learning more about curly hair and how to take care of it I started to get even more interested.

It was also very encouraging and helpful to have my mom as my curly girl “Go-To” person. She would answer all of my questions and introduce me to new products which would help my hair keep it’s form even more.
Then, soon after that my hair became healthier and it needed less product.

Now my hair is perfectly healthy, bouncy, voluminous and totally princess like!
My mom’s hair is SUPER COOL, very much defined and it is now shoulder length.

I am IN LOVE with my hair and I can’t imagine it any other way!

I guess you could say that the three main reasons I fell in love with my hair was
(1) that I had my mom with me to teach me and "coach" me how to love and take care of my hair.
(2) That I began to be interested in learning more about my hair, so it could look the best that it could be.
(3) I started to realize how God picked the perfect hair type for me. I can't imagine me with naturally straight hair. I know that I would curl it all the time and drool over every curly girl's hair!

3b 4ever <3


  1. I just used all the products today for the first time and I love love love it!! my hair is shiney and bouncy with out being heavy with a lot of that tackey feeling that other products leave on your hair!! My daughter has been looking for a product to use as she transitions to natureal hair and I cant wait for her to use it. I even used the online tutorial as my guide. Thank you

  2. Lovely post well and very heartfelt. I went 'to go natural' when I to become a mum as I did not know the sex of the baby. I thought it best to embrace my natural curls and know how to take of it, just in case I had a girl. Well I had the boy first lol but I'm expecting a girl this winter. I hope that she will find in me the 'coach' that you found in yours :0)

    I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more about your curly girl regime etc. Keep blogging.

  3. I am going to get my 11-year-old daughter to read this. She has 3b curls as well and hates her hair when it dries even though it is gorgeous. In an attempt to help her embrace her beautiful hair, I cut mine 07/24/12. I am loving curls I didn't even know I had. I found your blog last night (08/02/12) and was amazed at how much it reminded me of my daughter and me. Glad you embraced your hair! Praying my daughter will do the same. :-)

  4. I love this post! You are indeed beautiful inside and out...the curls are just the bonus!! My daughter, at 15, just transitioned back to natural hair. She too has written about it on our blog. I wish she had read this before I cut her hair because it may have helped. I am so happy to see how you have grown to accept your God given gifts. Best of luck to you in your future...Love and God Bless!

  5. I just love my curly hair.I remember when I was little,I always want my hair to be straighten all the time.I would never want my hair look curly at school and public.But when I was in 10th grade,I had to stop straighting my hair because my hair looked damged.So what I did was I put some conditioner after washing my hair and then I don't touch until when it dries.So when I let it dry ],My curls came back.I'm so thankful to have it back.If it wasn't for me putting something in my hair that makes it curly then my hair will look ruined pretty bad.Thats why girls who has curly hair should never straighten it because I think girls who has curly hair should just keep it and enjoy it. And also you should never hate your hair how it looks .Trust me its good to have something what you have and like who you are.

  6. Good for you Mariah. God knew what He was doing when He made our hair...straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair...whatever! With the right conditioner and styling product we maintain it to achieve the best look possible.

    I love to see young ladies who LOVE their natural hair!
    Gloria, the mom:-)


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