Bangs? Or No Bangs?

Bangs? Or No Bangs? That is the question...

Bangs, I know are pretty popular with girls with fine, straight hair and ,naturally, some curly girls might want to try it on their hair type too. But we must remember that our curls won't look the same as it does on people with straight hair and it will definitely NOT shape the same. We have to be very careful and sure about what we want whenever we have a desire to cut our hair very short because short curly hair is very high maintenance.
I went down that road. I cut the front of my hair and formed a bang... Bad decision... Most of the time I wore it straight and that damaged the front of my hair, so for while it always frizzed up really badly. After a while I got over it and couldn't wait for it to grow back which took a while, but it still grew back. I am still taking care of that part of my hair today, it is much better and forming curls again, but I will definitely not cut may hair that short again! Especially in the front!

Personally, I DO think that it looks very nice on girls with Type 2 hair. As long as you make sure that you can wear it curly and not have to straighten so much I think it is cute. If you do straighten it use as little heat as possible.
On Type 3-4 I think it's just too much of a difference straight and it doesn't blend in well with the hair, but that's just my opinion.
Ultimately, it is your decision. Bangs are a lot of work, especially with curly hair, so you would have to be willing to be patient and not always be drawn to the flat iron.


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