What's Your Hair Type?

Type 2: Wavy Hair

2a- This type of hair is very fine and stays flat on the head. Most people that have this type of hair get kinda annoyed because they cannot tell if their hair is straight or wavy and they don't know how to define the long, "S" shaped waves. So instead they just keep on straightening their hair until their hair is so damaged that its not even wavy anymore.
Yes, it is fine to straighten curly hair, but when it gets to the point that you don't even have your natural curls or waves it's time to take a break and give your hair the moisture that it needs to maintain it's healthy structure.
With this hair type it is best not to use too much product and to find a good shampoo to make your hair shine. Also, to reduce frizz, it is important to find a light styling product.

Celebrity in photo: Amanda Seyfried

2b- I have a friend that has 2b hair and she also LOVES wearing her hair straight instead of wavy because 2b hair frizzes a lot. When your hair has tendency to frizz what you need to do is give your hair more moisture because that's why the hair frizzes. It's looking for moisture in the air, so when it's humid or even when it rains our hair either poofs or frizzes. So, remember, moisturizing products and styling products will help to define the waves.

Celebrity in photo: Carrie Underwood

2c- This type of hair is a little bouncy. If your hair has this texture it is necessary to have a good hair shaping product to keep that bounciness and to define your curls even more. Again, keep your hair moisturized and find some good styling products to maintain the shape of your spirally waves.

Celebrity in photo: Taylor Swift

Type 3: Curly Hair

3a- This hair type is almost the same as 2c. It is just more thick, shiny, and even more bouncy. This hair is a lot of fun to look at because of how big and voluminous it can be. The same products go as 2c, but also find a good product that will help give your hair more volume. A hairspray would be good because it will also give your hair extra hold.

Celebrity in photo: Annalynne McCord

3b- This is where the gel and leave in conditioner come in. These corkscrew curls may seem hard to manage at first, but they are actually easier than you think. This is my hair type and I absolutely love it! All you need is a good shampoo, leave in conditioner/detangler, conditioner, and gel. That's the basics. When you get that down THEN you can start playing around with some styling products.
The shampoo is to clean your hair and give it a smooth feel.
Leave in conditioner/detangler is to detangle your hair before you comb it out.
Conditioner is to keep your hair and scalp healthy and hydrated.
And, of course, gel to help your hair be more defined and keep its form.

Celebrity in photo: Keri Russell

3c- This is where hair starts to get very thick and people start thinking that it's unmanageable, but it doesn't have to be! All you need are the right products and frizz control! This type of hair can get very poofy if the hair does not have enough moisture, so every time you comb and wash your hair you need to put in your products immediately while your hair is still soaking wet. Products to find are a good moisturizer, conditioner and  gel.

Celebrity in photo: Tracee Ellis Ross

Type 4: Kinky Hair

4a-This is where regular deep conditioning and daily moisturizing comes in. Remember that you can still define your curls, don't give up! The deep conditioning will help keep your hair stay healthy and the daily moisturizing will help your hair not frizz or poof too much. Also, you need a really good gel that will keep your hair defined and it will also help your hair not frizz.

Celebrity in photo: Solange Knowles

4b- The zig-zag curls. This hair type needs a good, preferably natural, shampoo that will give it a little bouncy look. Also deep conditioning is important to keep the hair and scalp happy. Gel ,of course, to help the hair keep its shape; but be careful not to get carried away with the gel and put too much in your hair because the last thing you need is product build up.

Celebrity in photo: Esperanza Spalding

4c- Last, but not least is 4c. The thickest, kinkiest hair type. When you have thick hair it is important not too put SO much product in your hair because that will cause product build up, and you don't want your hair to get clumpy or sticky. So, when you put conditioner, styling products, and especially gel in  your hair a good technique is to apply the products with just your fingertips to get in the places where your hair needs it the most. 
Products you'll need: Shampoo, leave in conditioner, Gel.

Celebrity in photo: Erykah Badu

Tip: Try to use mostly natural hair products

I'm a 3b. What's your hair type?


  1. love it! i think im between a 2b and 2c what do you think?

  2. Yes, you can have mixtures. My mom is a mixture of 4a and 4b. I think that your hair leans more towards 2b because it forms really pretty locks and doesn't lay as flat as 2b =).

  3. I agree with Bobi. Definitely a 2B. I LOVE how your hair curls, April!

  4. LOL! We both meant 2C!!! We're sleepy...long day!

  5. That is Tracee Ellis Ross, not Cree Summer...trivial, I know.

  6. The 3C pic is of Tracee Ellis Ross and not Cree Summer. This is a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hey, isn't Cree Summer from A Different World? Or am I plain crazy?!!! I remember thinking: I wish I had hair like that...guess what...I do!!! It took four years off the perm crack to know that:-)

    Tracee Ellis Ross (Diana Ross' daughter)does the coolest things with her hair!

  8. Is it possible for me to be a 3c and 4b??? I have no clue :( plus my daughter looks to be a 4c....but her hair is not that thick....just really full...help....I'm trying to keep me and my lil mama natural!

  9. Hi, Irena. The 4's are not "thick" in fact, they're the thinnest hair type. The fact is that there is a lot of hair especially when dry so one assumes the follicle is thick. You can be 3c and 4b. I am 3c and 4a and quickly changing...LOL:-)

    Look into Kinky-Curly products. Also look at product reviews on here so you can try things out. Have fun with this journey so that your daughter can have fun too:-)

  10. I am Ethiopian,Polish,French,Italian,Saudi Arabian, and Yemen mix. I have light tan skin and bright green blue eyes, but my hair is hard to explain.My hair would best be described as 2a hair but it's not.It's really full but also wavy and REALLY long. I have a hard time caring for it and I really mistreat it and I don't know what kind of shampoo & conditioner. Does anybody know what kind of hair I have and how I can care for it?


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